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The first Challenge is a Matching color game  in Dreamer's Challenge Quest. You must use the switches to match the 4 colors into their designated spots, much like how a Rubik's Cube works. 

My questions is:

What is the faster way to finish the matching color game in Dreamer's Challenge Quest?

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Fastest way, best way... any way. Im eagerly awaiting the answer to this one.  Videos on youtube are a little help but they go so fast.
Great question, wish i had thought of it first
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Thank you :D Definitely I spent too much time to trying to resolve it.

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The fastes and easiest way for me is to work colour by colour from top left to right bottom, but tbh there's no faster way, it depends on how you see it but it does help and its a good technique to work one colour to another until you finish, just like a Rubik's cube, work on a side then onto the next until you got them all, it also helps me to work them horizontally more than vertically