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I always hunt killing around 4-6 creatures at time and I started to keep attacking the one with higher life between all that I'm killing. Is this the best strategy or I should attack the one with lower life?

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It depends on your goal:

  • If you want more sustain and profit, meaning you want to use less pots, therefore take less damage, then you should attack the one with less HP. It will die first, and then you will have 1 less creature attacking you, meaning you won't have to heal as much.
  • If your goal is maximize your experience and you have 8 creatures on you, + creatures around, then you should also attack the one with less HP, this way it will die faster and be replaced by one of the creatures roaming around. Therefore, that creature will start to take damage faster, increasing your exp, slightly.
  • If your goal is maximize your experience, but you don't have extra creatures roaming around, then you should focus on the creature with higher HP, meaning the odds of you having to stay with just 1 creature at the end are lower, everything will die at the same time and you can move on to next pull.
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Thanks!! I'm used to attack the one with higher life thinking this way: the other creatures around me are taking the damage of my exoris and exori grans, and the one with higher life will take the damage to my melee too and will die with the others around me. (I usually hunt with 4-6 creatures because I don't have the powerful imbuings, so this way I use less potions)
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Then you are the 3rd case listed in my answer :D
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The other example of aiming at the not necessarily higher life creature is when you hunt monsters among which there are mages with significantly higher damage done to you. I would advise targetting them first, if possible.