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ML80, some profit preferred.

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90-150 use SD on Oramond east minotaurs, 150+ oramond votes needed to sell minotaur equipment. Mooh'tah shells is used in sword imbuement and may be worth a bit depending on your world. The rares and creature products should pay for your hunt none the less. At 150+ (maybe even at 130) you can start hunting here with avas for more exp and of course bigger profit. Physical protection, shield and high armor recommended.

130+ use SD at Serpent spawn/medusa cave for tasking in Goroma, snake skins and strand of medusa hair is worth a lot on my world. Terra/gill set and garlic necklace recommended, try to avoid waves. Fire walls is a good way to kite them.

90+ hunt with avas in wyrm spawns. This spawn is depending a lot more on luck with drops but if the price on wyrm scales is high enough (energy damage imbuement, popular among knights hunting in Banuta) this can be very nice for profit. Lightning set recommended.

These should be the best solo spawns for exp while not wasting at those levels, if you want pure profit then take a break from hunting for exp and work on your bestiary for extra charm points while hunting for imbuement materials on weak monsters. Rope belt, bloody pincers and sabretooth for example is worth a lot on my world.

When hunting with SD you should use 1-2 mana leech imbuements since they are pretty much paid for by themselves. Tier 3 is preffered depending on access but Tier 2 should do the trick as well if you can't afford the stronger one.

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Oramond minotaurs should be good.

You can see a good list of spawns here:
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I liked Mother of Scarabs Lair (north of Ankrahmun) from 80-110 or so, collecting rares, gems, stackable drops (and especially pieces of scarab shell) can net you some decent profit most of the time.

Oramond minos are pretty unprofitable unless you mostly use Ava's, which is safer to do at highewr levels (150~)

You can hunt/task port hope giant spiders for decent profit, not as good xp/hr as mother of scarabs lair, but at least they don't paralyze.

Erik/Psykik's youtube channel and the reddit page called "Hunting Places for all Vocations 2.0" are both good resources for places to hunt

Also you can get a dream blossom staff, anti-drown helmet and ice resistance set and hunt water elementals in port hope (fishing the corpses for more loot).

All of these options can net you some decent profit!
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The suggestions below are very good, you could also (with more risk) try Oramond west with thunderstorm runes, looting only the valuable items, you would gain some serious exp here, but it may also benefit you to party with someone for this area, it can get hectic!

There is also the different cults of tibia (see wiki for Cults of Tibia), you could get nice xp + profit from some of these!

Good Luck and Have Fun!
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Oramond Minos best place ever for that level
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