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I know for example that if you are +2 flats over  the floor were the creatures is.

But does this also happens about creatures away in the distance from you but in the same floor as you?
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so you're asking: how close do we need to stay away from a creature so it doesn't attack us or move? just trying to make sure i understand. :)
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not about the attacking, about the creature not moving at all. They stay in like an 'stand by' when there are not player around

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im almost sure that there are mobs that "sense u" from different distances, but this was almost impossible to be proved regularly because we were supposed to see the mobs "interacting"/moving regularly or not moving at all. Either way i can relate from my experience with a friend in OTS.

When he was using a gamemaster character they didn't move at all (mobs didn't sense him at all) until i approached 20 or less sqm  from these mobs so they started to "sense me" and "to interact as alive mobs"  (hydras in that case) 

yet as i said we aren't supposed to see those mobs in that "idle status"* and that could be considered as a glitch, and sadly my information can't be supported and it is possibly outdated.

but facts are: 

  1. yes, certainly there is a distance in the same floor which once reached the mob  doesn't sense u anymore and doesn't interact/move until someone approach
  2. to test this regularly is needed an undetectable observer (probably a 2 floors higher place or 2 floors lower) and a large place (20+ sqm 30-40 if possible) 
  3. we aren't suppossed to see this.

a good place to test this probably could be the mushroom pigs ground (in the gnome base where u do "digging" task) because have a +2 place and a "large" place

After visiting some places i found that under Fenrock (on the way to dragon lords) there are a lot of bridges which allow you to notice this "glitch", u can easily go +3 from creatures and they will not move, also i found that they can aswell stop moving if u see from a lower position than their floor.

if someone want to test it and have the specific place  probably would like to know: 

  1. maybe the mob sense npc (merchants, etc) 
  2. maybe the mob sense another mob enemy
  3. the mob must be far from any thing that he sense as "playable character" or probably "enemy alive" to actually stop moving

Update: adding info to the research aswell fixing some misleading


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WoW, this is exactly what I was looking for. Sadly that your info is from an ot, so might be different in tibia. I need to check this out.. just need to find the perfecto place where an observar checks from a +2 floor if the creatures below move if a second player get aproached
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Its easy to notice on deeplings u have to be on upper lvl. Like monsters are on 0 you are on +3 floor.
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Yep, i said that on the description, but I wonder if even stayin gon the same floor but in a certain distance it makes them not to move