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In case It is not random, which are the factors that make them stay longer or shorter in time?

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I don't know what are the factors, but I can guarantee that the durations varies a lot and is not fixed, as tibiawiki claims to be.

First I tested it by throwing 8 magic walls / Wild Growths in a row, 2 seconds between each rune.

  • Expectation: They would disappear in same order as I threw them, and with 2 seconds delay.
  • Reality: They started disappearing in a random way with random delays, not necessarily in same order as I casted.

So, after that I decided to TIME 10 runes, here are my results:


  1. 20 Seconds
  2. 18 Seconds
  3. 24 Seconds
  4. 15 Seconds
  5. 22 Seconds
  6. 26 Seconds
  7. 23 Seconds
  8. 20 Seconds
  9. 25 Seconds
  10. 22 Seconds

MIN: 15 sec

MAX: 26 sec

AVERAGE: 21,5 Sec


  1.  47 Seconds
  2.  50 Seconds
  3.  37 Seconds
  4.  34 Seconds
  5.  52 Seconds
  6.  35 Seconds
  7.  36 Seconds
  8.  50 Seconds
  9.  37 Seconds
  10.  44 Seconds

MIN:  34 sec

MAX:  52 sec

AVERAGE:  42,2 Sec

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The magic walls were tested on my EK: lvl 717 ML 12
The wild growths were tested in one of my EDs: lvl 55~ ml 70~
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@Retlaw (or anyone else) - do you have a link to the official announcement on that? It would make this answer complete.
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So I reviewed the news articles/official replies and I was only able to find what I have in my answer. So now his answer is complete! Good work Fire!
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I'm assuming they changed the Magic walls and Wild growth runes in 2013 when introducing the new War System, this is all the information I was able to scavenge about the subject (However, to sum it up they wanted to avoid characters from being blocked forever by walls lol):

Official reply on the Tibian forums on June 12, 2013 by Mirade: 

> Whats going on with magic walls now? Sometimes it
> lasts for 15sec, sometimes for 25sec. Is time of
> magic walls randomized now?

Yes, the expire times of both obstacle have been randomized to make it more difficult to create "permanent" blockades.

Source: https://www.tibia.com/forum/?action=thread&postid=35059085#post35059085

Seems like this was something that was introduced on June 5, 2013, here's the official news (However, nothing in particular about the walls were mentioned until you review the thread and someone had noticed the change w/ walls):

imagefter an extensive preview phase, we released the new basic rules for PvP today. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all players who gave us constructive feedback about this topic during the last months. With today's release, the preview phase on Aurora and Aurera is now over.

Our main reason for implementing this new PvP rule set despite the controversial feedback we received during the preview phase is that we need a more transparent PvP system as a basis to build on. A basis which the old PvP system did not provide sufficiently due to too many loopholes.
The transparency of the new basic rules for PvP finally makes it possible to clearly assess who participates in a PvP fight and in which way. This kind of information provides the foundation we need to work on future improvements such as redesigning the unjust kill system to better reflect the level of participation in a kill, a new war system, PvP highscores, and other incentives to take part in PvP fights.