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My crystal pedestals all are just one color, if I click on the pedestal it changes. However, in the past I remember crystal pedestals automatically changing colors like it never stayed one color it always changed. I was wondering if this was a change, if so, why? And is it still possible to make my crystal pedestals change colors automatically without clicking it manually? I just don't want a fixed crystal pedestal anymore I want it to change colors is the goal. 

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Unfortunately, it has been ages since the pedestals worked that way.

Aug 04 2015 -
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With today's server save, the automatic colour rotation of crystal pedestals will be stopped since this behaviour can cause ingame difficulties. We are currently thinking about a solution for these problems.

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Thank you for finding a news article on this! I picked your answer as best and because I also wanted to know why they stopped them from changing automatically. It says it's because of "lag" lol..don't see how but okay!
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Unfortunately, it isn't longer available for the Crystal Pedestal to be "shining" all the time, you must change this manually :(