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In the explanation in the Store about the Temple Teleport it states it does not work in no-logout zones or close to a character's home temple. What does this exactly mean? If my hometown is Venore how many squares away or how close from my home temple can I use it? Also, let's say I'm near Thais' temple and my hometown is Venore am I allowed to use it near Thais' temple because it's not my home temple? Just asking because let's say I'm in a tough situation of course. I'm sure it's this way to avoid misuse but I wonder how close the Temple Teleport let's you. I'm not asking you to buy Tibia Coins to test this out, you can use the Temple Teleport scroll which is a daily reward from the reward shrine. You can also provide me with a rough estimate, but exact squares would be a perfect answer.

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Just tested it. You can use a TP scroll one step outside the Temple and it will teleport you to the centre of the Temple.

Of course there is no maximum distance for use. Anywhere that isn't a No Logout zone can be teleported from, as long as your character isn't Logout Blocked from an active battle situation or of course Protection Zone blocked on PvP worlds

Edited to include: Yalahar as hometown temple. 1 step north of temple tested. Teleported me two steps south to the centre of the temple
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Oh wow I dont know why it says you cant be close to your hometown temple. Where did you test this and what was your hometown set as?