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I've picked up daily item rewards from the reward shrine and have them in my store inbox. Is there any way to throw those items away?

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No, you cannot throw them away. Items picked up in the reward shrine can be stored in your depot.
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In fact, there may be a convoluted way to get rid of your daily items using the item decaying system in a tricky way.

Your daily rewards can be put in depot and in any container in it. That means if you put a daily reward item inside a corpse (which is a decaying container) within your depo, the corpse will eventually decay, destroying all items within it in a process.

Keep in mind that a corpse put in depot decays only if you are sitting on the depot tile. That means you can't put your items into corpse hidden in depot and go hunting - you need to wait until the corpse decays.
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Wow, this is interesting. Thanks for sharing this 'hack'.
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Technically, there is only this method explained by @Sajgonka Orientu and you can't also use a Disintegrate Rune or any other trick as far as I know (tested here by the way).

A good way to "thrown away" them if they are useless for you is to spend them on arena combats, spam it around (if they are runes or potions) or just consume it as soon as possible.

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