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Most Captains will kick you out of their boat is you ask them to. When you say the word kick they will take you to a random place. My question is within a range of how many squares away are they able to kick you? I'm just trying to figure out how far away they can kick you. You don't have to test this out with every NPC what you can do is list the NPC that you were testing this out on. However, the more NPCs you interact with will make us see if there's a pattern or if one captain takes you farther than another.

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Place is not random. After you write Hi-Kick-Yes you will get kicked mostly next to Hawser.

I took as example few cities. Sometimes I tried 2 or 3 options with Fire Bomb Runes. I will just write next to the city the biggest distance from Npc in the each city.

  • Ankrahmun -  the biggest distance is 18 sqm.

  • Darashia  - biggest distance 15 sqm.

  • Venore - distance 14 sqm.

  • Edron - distance 9 sqm.

  • Cormaya -  distance 11 sqm.

  • Carlin - distance 11 sqm

  • Thais - distance 15 sqm

  • Ab'Dendriel -  distance 14 sqm