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I'm curious to know what boat NPC takes you to the least amount of cities. The reason being is because I notice some NPCs don't want to take you anywhere! This will be good to know for future reference if I decide to purchase a house somewhere.

Here's a related question that inspired me:

What boat NPC takes you to the most cities?

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  • THAIS -  Captain Bluebear (11): Carlin, Ab'Dendriel, Venore, Port Hope, Liberty Bay, Svargrond, Yalahar, Roshamuul, Oramond, Edron and Travora
  • ORAMOND - Captain Gulliver (7): Thais, Edron, Venore, Port Hope, Krailos, Issavi and Travora
  • ISSAVI - Captain Harava (4): Oramond, Krailos, Venore or Darashia
  • KRAILOS - Captain Pelagia (5): Venore, Edron, Darashia, Issavi or Oramond
  • DARASHIA - Petros (9): Venore, Port Hope, Liberty Bay, Yalahar, Gray Island, Ankrahmun, Krailos, Issavi or Travora
  • PORT HOPE - Charles (9): Thais, Darashia, Venore, Liberty Bay, Ankrahmun, Oramond, Yalahar, Edron or Travora
  • LIBERTY BAY - Jack Fate (8): Edron, Thais, Venore, Darashia, Ankrahmun, Yalahar, Port Hope or Travora
  • ANKRAHMUN - Captain Sinbeard (7): Darashia, Venore, Liberty Bay, Port Hope, Yalahar, Edron or Travora
  • EDRON - Captain Seahorse (12): Thais, Carlin, Ab'Dendriel, Venore, Port Hope, Ankrahmun, Liberty Bay, Cormaya, Gray Island, Oramond, Krailos  or Travora
  • CARLIN - Captain Greyhound (7): Thais, Ab'Dendriel, Venore, Svargrond, Yalahar, Edron or Travora
  • AB'DENDRIEL - Captain Seagull (7): Thais, Carlin, Venore, Yalahar, Gray Island, Edron or Travora
  • YALAHAR - Karith (9): Ab'Dendriel, Darashia, Venore, Ankrahmun, Port Hope, Thais, Liberty Bay, Carlin or Travora
  • VENORE - Captain Fearless (15): Thais, Carlin, Ab'Dendriel, Port Hope, Edron, Darashia, Liberty Bay, Svargrond, Yalahar, Gray Island, Oramond, Ankrahmun, Krailos, Issavi or Travora
  • SVARGROND - Captain Breezelda (4): Carlin, Venore, Thais or Travora
  • CORMAYA - Pemaret (1): Edron
  • GRAY ISLAND - Scrutinon (4): Ab'Dendriel, Darashia, Edron or Venore
  • ROSHAMUUL - Captain Chelop (1): Thais
So, for the sake of Houses, the place with "worst" sea routes is Cormaya.
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Great answer. You might want to include the Steamship Dwarf Captains in your answer too