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As title says, how can I obtain the   True Heart of the Sea? 

I know it has some relations to deeplings, but I have no idea how to get it...

Is it hard? Does it require some minimum level?

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Rare Loot you have the small chance of obtaining if you turned in 10 or more Hearts of the Sea to Qjell during the last Deepling stage 1 world change, when it changes to Stage 2 you will gain access to a Teleport to a reward room with a blue Treasure chest and Hoards of Gold. From these you have a small chance of looting a True Heart of the Sea

Sorry, i dont know and couldnt find the odds of looting it
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You can obtain the True Heart of Sea during the Liquid Black Quest. It's a rare loot of the mission Heart of the Sea, the missions concists basically yto use a pick at some large crystals at Fiehonja in order to get a  Rough Red Gem. With the gem at your hands you will need to go to the water vortex and use the the gem to obtain the True Heart of Sea. Below you can see the vortex location:

Note: When you obtain The Heart of the Sea for the first time, you will receive the "Gem Cutter" achievement.

Clicking HERE you can see mission full spoiler.

Source: TibiaFandom; TibiaWikiBR