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Using all events and tools, how much % bonus can be obtained?
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I get back and upvote  this question since I saw some research with the maximum bonus of exp, since I think is a interesting question I added a new answer updated with the data

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I'm posting this as answer only to upload a screenshot. This is what the "Skills window" XP Gain Rate tooltip looks like for level 8 character  during double exp + world quest.

Naturally, it goes up to 600% for a fresh character.

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On the rare occasions where an event happens concomitant with the reward of a World Quest, such as Bewitched, the experience rate with an active XP Boost is the following:

(1base + 1event + 0.5boost + 0.5worldquest) × 1.5stamina × 100% = 450%

If you also have an active Experience Prey with the maximum bonus, the experience for that creature will be

(1base + 1event + 0.5boost + 0.5worldquest + 0.4prey) ×1.5 stamina× 100% = 510%

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And with the low level bonus at max?
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Low Level Bonus
Since September 9, 2014, all players below level 50 have a passive experience bonus, which steadily declines until the player reaches 0% bonus at level 50. This bonus is intended to fast-forward a new player into the more exciting parts of the game.

The bonus declines at a linear rate of 2+1/12≈2.083 percent per level. This would be 2% if the decline began at level 1. This fractional decline creates a 3% jump on levels 3, 15, 27 and 39. Most players won't be affected by this because the experience is rounded anyway. The precise formula is thus:

L=max(2,min(50,Level))−2 (because the decline starts at Level 3 and the bonus ends at 50)
Bonus=100−⌈L⋅(2+112)⌉ %

So below level 50 you get an extra passive experience bost
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But what is the % if you add it on your answer?
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1.- Premiun Account (On the first two hours of Stamina) = +50%

2.- Shared Experience (4 different vocations) = +100%

3.- Low Level Bonus (Level 6) = +91%

4.- Bonus Experience (Best you can get): +40%

5.- Bewitched (January 26 - February 05): +20%

6.- XP Boost (Store) = 50%

Total = 351%

7.- Double xp weekend = % x 2

Total = 702%

- Dragon (Experience 700)
With bonus
- Dragon (Experience 4.914)

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Im not sure if that is how it works

Because double exp weekend gives x2 bonus with a max % of 375% so I think your maths are wrong.
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That's a good point. I will wait for Trululu to revise it so
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I don't understand, why do the first ones until point 6 included add up, and the next one multiplies?
Don't they all just multiply? That would get you to to 2987,92%.

I don't think that high number matters if you have a cap at 375%, but if you don't reach it, it is important to know how to compute the bonus, which I think is by multiplying each figure.
E.g., when I have weekly bonus + stamina bonus, I get 225% if I remember correctly, which comes from 50% x 50%.
I think it would be good to have the right formulas in the main posts for clarity.