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With today's server save *28/01/2020*, a hunting ground balancing has been implemented. What changes exactly? 

What does it mean that something has been, for example, "moderately decreased"? By how many percent exactly is that? 

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From a comment on reddit these are the changes in the monsters exp:

MonsterExp BeforeExp NowChange (%)
Hellfire fighter3900136565
Burning book153001193422
Rage squid190001482022
Guardian of tales11800920422
Ink blob170001445015
Icecold book150001275015
Squid warden180001530015
Animated feather11600986015
Energetic book143001215515
Brain squid210001785015
Energuardian of tales135001147515
Knowledge elemental12600935015
Biting book11000935015
Cursed book157001334515
Skeleton elite warrior7500450040
Undead elite gladiator7900475040
Midnight asura410041000
Dawnfire asura410041000
Dark torturer4650265143
Grim reaper550055000
Glooth golem2200160627
Rustheap golem2300167927
War golem2750200827
Metal gargoyle1400102227
Glooth anemone1800140422
Spiky Carnivor2500125050
Menacing Carnivor3200160050
Lumbering Carnivor2200110050
Choking Fear470047000
Retching Horror390039000
Deathling Scout630063000
Deathling Spellsinger640064000
Gazer Spectre420042000
Burster Spectre600060000
Ripper Spectre350035000
Crazed Summer Rearguard470047000
Crazed Summer Vanguard500050000
Crazed Winter Rearguard470047000
Crazed Winter Vanguard540054000
Insane Siren600060000


Monsters from the table with no changes in exp got their loot decreased significantly.
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Oh i didn't know there is whole list:D
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It means that some monsters will give you less loot or exp. I think every respawn got another % change. It would be stupid to make same % for all respawns since they or on different levels.


Nightmare now gives you 817 when before you could get 2150 . It's a little funny because Nightmare Scion gives you 1350.

Grimeleech gives you now  2870  when before it was 8200.

Hellflayer gives now 4375 and before change it was 12500

Dark Torurer gives now 2651 when it was before 4650

Loot example: 

10:57 Loot of a crazed winter vanguard: 8 platinum coins 10:57 Loot of a crazed winter rearguard: nothing 10:57 Loot of a crazed winter rearguard: nothing 10:57 Loot of a crazed winter rearguard: nothing 10:57 Loot of a crazed winter rearguard: nothing 10

Before it was impossible to get empty loot from elfs.

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In my opinion they have made a huge mistake doing this. Once again, many good respawn have become useless. Who will hunt ferumbras seals now that they do not give exp enough for the risk you suffer by killing them. What about issavi? its creatures were only good because of its experience, now, they give same bad loot and less experience.

As I said.. such a bad idea. And as aneg pointed, there are senseless changes, as scion giving more experience than nightmares, or hellspawn giving similar to hellhounds
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Just cant understand why they change monsters  that are more than 10 years ingame
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Time ago they changed the price of the potion and runes because It is easy to profit nowadays. And now the reduce the loot or exp of the good respawns. Senseless aswell.
Now that there are a lot lvl 1000+, they decide to do this change so low lvls won't never be able to catch them. In my opinion the only respawn they should had changed is library, and It is on fact one whose changes were more.. "balance"
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Beix, the adjustment regarding XP was poorly done, but we really needed a loot change. That's what is supposed to be done to combat Tibia inflation. I know that affecting profit is a harsh thing, but Tibia economy needs to be fixed.

Cipsoft, however, did a poor job regarding it anyway. They didn't manage the game properly and now they are harvesting the sour grapes of years of crappy eco and crazy experience respawns.
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In really fast short: 300lvls team (EK,ED,MS) on Nightmare Isle - always about 300-400k profit during 1hour to one person. Now 20k profit for one person.

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That must be a bad joke :(.
P.s.  I saw my friends yday night at the Vexclaw/DT seal and they did 1.5k exp/h (duo level 600+) I do the same exp on my 130 RP on Ravenous Lava Lurkers xD
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yes, it's bad joke or bitter truth :((
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thanks for the information but frankly, I don't think that the loot change is intrinsically bad. I am a VERY low tier player, but talking with many people made me realize that Tibia is a game where is very easy to crank some crazy profits compared to 2009 when I started.

I would rather have that polemic loot change but also get the old prices for all of the supplies and houses, since the potions and housing spike affected in a harsh way the casual dudes like me and other people.

The experience change was ridiculous, nevertheless.
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I'll say this: it is good but it has been changed too drastically. earnings are changed not by half, but by half half this half. ^^ it's true, prices should be restored to the old, because now level 300 without beating bosses is not able to earn on imbuing, rent house, refil.
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It's just ridiculous. CipSoft made a mistake to the company by creating places where players can get a HUGE exp and profit, made the game really easy. Now we have MANY players high level, with a lot of money and power. By doing this hunting rebalancing, Cip nerf the places where these players used to hunt and now they will go to where mid and low level hunt, ruining the game to these players (it's RIDICULOUS a player level 600 hunt in the same place where a level 300 hunt), just don't make sense. Mid/low level players will hunt in worse places and so on...it's not a good way to improve the game. CipSoft turned the game really easy and want to "undo" this but are doing a bad thing to many players. Some places where used to have 1-2 people hunting, now have a huge list with high level players. I am considering stop playing after my premium time ends.

CipSoft just create an even bigger gap between low/mid and high level, it's really bad to the game.

PS: I don't think that turning the game easy was a mistake to the players, but to CipSoft, who now want to take the money (gold) out of the game.