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Hello Guys!

Is it possible to check how much experience I have alredy lost from all my deaths? How can I do that?

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You can check all your character info on GuildStats. There is a small guide:

I hope this gonna help you :)

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Nice, I've lost around 2%. Not bad rs
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Just something to consider: that website and that calculator was implemented when we had just 5 blessings, instead of 7, and it also considered ARENA DEATHs as actual deaths, with exp loss.

That means that the experience lost is not super accurate.  But is a good way to start...
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I'm affraid that Guildstats.eu has the only calculator which helps to check loss after all the deaths, but it works incorrectly. The biggest problem is that GuildStats.eu was inactive for some reasons for few months and during this time their statistics didn't work. Their database were never refreshed to add missing data. That's why for players with older characters it is completely useless (for example about 10 of my deaths isn't even counted).

There is only one site with perfectly correct deaths history, but it is not an official fansite... and as I remember it has no calculator as well. It shows only your potential loss for this moment (on your current level).

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Maybe it's because i was retired for a while, but I have all my deaths there...