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I know when you're offline you can get mana and hitpoints when sleeping in a bed.  My question is does it matter if you go to bed hungry in Tibia? Here's what I'm looking for in an answer...

  • Let's say you have soft boots and a life ring for example and you're hungry so you didn't eat but you go to bed....
  • Or let's say that you don't have any items that will help you with regeneration and your hungry....
  • Will you still gain mana and hitpoints? If yes, is the regeneration similar to if you actually ate and went to bed?

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You only regenerate your HP and Mana points if you eat before to go to bed, so in case you are hungry and use the bed you will not regenerate HP and Mana. Also items like soft boots doesn't work while you are sleeping.

If you have eaten something before going asleep, your character will regain hp/mp while offline. Also, your character will regain Soul Points no matter if you have eaten or not.

Source: TibiaFandom