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Why some old creatures like bosses looks to weak?

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The relation of the force between the creatures of the game and its history is not correct, for example:

1.- Sight of Surrender: Its a regular mobs.

Hit points: 28.000

Damage: 2.400

2.- Orshabaal: Its a boss and Demon Lord.

Hit points: 20.500

Damage: 3.750 / 5.000 (With 4 summmons Demons)

With the passage of time the regular creatures become stronger, to be a challenge before the high level players.

I think all this old bosses deserve a BUFF, deserve have the same power on lore than in game, deserve be a challenge.

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Hm, you mean the classic bosses, like Orshabaal, right?

He used to be epic and dangerous, but due to the current general level of the community increasing on a crazy pace, he is now quite weak compared to the damage that he used to do. As an example, this old information (on portuguese, you may need a translator) informs about Orshabaal performing an absurd carnage on Thoria (currently called Kenora). The death tool reached 400 players, but I fear that the .rec isn't available anymore:


Nowadays, Orsha will last for some seconds only. Years ago it was already dying on 7 seconds:


I guess that a good call for Cipsoft to solve it would be to create an updated Orshabaal, since it makes no sense on such powerful creature on the lore being so fragile to currently Tibia adventurers.