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I know some fansite items can be clicked, and they will change to a form that is always animated, for an example:

  • Black Knight Doll:  
Recently a friend of mine won a Epaminondas Doll  and as seen in the GIF <-  I thought it would be always moving.
But then, in-game I have to click it, then it will move for 2 seconds and go back to staying still.
My question is, which fansite items will always have an animation, like the Black Knight Doll? And how does that animation looks like?
This will be useful, if I decide to buy a fansite item, I'll definitely buy one that has animation :D

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  •  Assassin Doll from TibiaBrasileiros
  • Crunor's heart from TibiaBosses
  • Dark Wizard's Crown from TibiaMisterios
  • Shield of Destiny  from TibiaRoyal
  • Midnight Panter Doll from TibiaMagazine
  •  Bookworm Dool from TibiaLibrary
  •  Draken Doll (small flame) from TibiaJourney
  • Medusa Skull from TibiaPic
  • Golden Newspaper from TibiaNews
  • Adamant Shield from TibiaLife
  • Mathmaster Shield from TibiaStats
  • The Epic Wisdom  from TibiaWiki.com.br
  •  Old Radio from RadioTibia
  • Phoenix Statue from TibiaFans.se
  • Music Box (TibiaSpace) from TibiaSpace
  •  Frozen Heart from TibiaTr
  • Noble Sword from Rookie.pl
  • Love Elixir from CasalTibiano
  • Baby Munster from Rookie.com.pl blinks on it's first stage and has different perm animation on 2nd stage
  • Tibiapedia from Tibiapedia ;)
  • Wicked Witch from TibiaLabs
  • ... and finally Omniscient Owl from TibiaQA :)

There you have small movie made by me from few houses on Antica :

TibiaQA Rare Houses

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Players on Antica have such a beautiful houses... :)
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Does blinking count? If so, I know an Owl that constantly blinks ;)
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Hahaha looking forward to having that blinking in my house xDDD
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I wasn't sure if Owl blinks all the time ☺️