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Reaching H.L. requires a long trip and used to be dangerous (in the event of lured monsters). H.L. doesn't pay you incredibly well, but he buys many items that cannot be sold at any other shop, although most of those items are more profitable selling to other players.
H.L. seems to be especially hostile to females, in earlier times he even refused to trade with them. In earlier times, people only used to come to him to sell Scale Armors, but when these could eventually also be sold to other, more nearby Weapon Shopkeeper NPCs, he became more and more lonely. Another cause of this is that the items he buys aren't well paid for. For example, he buys Demon ArmorsDragon Scale Mails and Magic Plate Armors for less than 1000 gps. He even buys the legendary Blessed Shield for a mere 650 gps!

Geographical Properties
Position127.131, 125.213, 7
Personal Properties
Occupational Properties
Other Properties
December 17, 2002

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I would like to think it as a "alpha phase" of development of the lore surrounding the Outlaw Camp. It was a place inhabited by male outlaws since many time ago, so I guess that H. L. was what they designed as a shady and "anti-woman" guy, probably to illustrate the place as a "male dominated area". The lore used to tell us, as far as I know, that this place was founded from army deserters and outcasts.

 I said "alpha phase" because eventually Cipsoft made a complete revamp over there, adding the Rottin Wood group there. We can assume that he merges himself into the "Married Men" concept, being a somewhat reserved dude to women since they are a male only organization. Funny story: H. L. is most likely a scammer, buying epic items for ridiculous prices. The "Married Man" are the opposite of what Robin Hood (parodied by the name Rottin Wood) forest militia used to do on Sherwood, which was steal the riches and redistribute it to the poor. They are stealing the travelers actually, scamming them with rabbit's foot being sold at enormous prices (which is alleged as an item that can bring luck). H. L. seems to be the guy leading the scamming operation on armory and weaponry items (Except Scale Armors... For some reason).

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I think on 6 options:

1.- A woman broke his heart.

2.- A woman stole or cheated him.

3.- He likes to discriminate against women's.

4.- He is a Jerk.

5.- His mother abandoned him.

6.- Tibia is a game of the "medieval" era, in which time women were less appreciated and it was normal.
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