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The monthly Feedback Form on Tibia website can grant you with 30 days of premium time if valuable feedback is sent by there:

But how does that rewarding selection works? The better your feedback, greater are the chances of winning? Or the selection of it works like a "raffle", depending purely on luck?

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They guaranteed me on a Ticker answer that every valuable feedback sent there is posteriorly evaluated.

However, receiving the monthly prize depends purely on luck. The more players sending Feedback, the more 30 days of Premium Time is sent, according to an information confirmed by a Customer Support member on a Ticket:

Hello (censored),

Thank you for your request. By giving valuable feedback, you have the chance to win 30 days of Premium Time. The number of Premium Times that will be given away depends on the number of all valuable entries. If you win or not depends on luck, the winners are chosen randomly from all players who have submitted feedback.

Good luck!

Kind regards,
Tibia Customer Support

Proof of information legitimacy:

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