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I know players like gifts for playing and supporting Tibia for so long. 

  1. My question is, did players ever get rewarded for their character age? If so, what did they receive? 
  2. I want to know if they currently get anything as well for supporting Tibia presently. 

It would be good to know this just to see if we have anything to look forward to or what had happened in the past for older players.

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There is the Reward for Premium time that rewards time bought for buying Premium time after that time has been used in the form of Loyalty points that give you a bonus to your base skills of 5% per 360 days bought to a maximum of 50% at 3600 days

Lora of Vigintia will offer you a gift depending on how long ago your character creation date was during the Tibia Anniversary Celebrations

1-2 years 2 Blue Surprise bags

2-3 years 3 Blue Surprise bags

3-4 years 1 Red Surprise bags

4-5 years 2 Red Surprise bags

5+ years 3 Red Surprise bags

These next ones are partially related to time in that they are rewarding players for time spent in Tibia, but player participation is still required

There are also yearly events where the more years you participate the more items and achievements you get such as the Demons Lullaby where you get the Nanny from Hell achievement after participating for 5 years

Or the Winter Solstice where you need to participate in killing the Percht Queen over 3 years to gain the full Percht Raider outfit

The Orcsoberfest Event will also reward outfit add ons for consecutive participation with the first add on available in the upcoming event

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The reward you get for being actively playing is only with premium time, the loyalty points which gives you certain percent of bonus for your skills depending on the time you've been premium and the base skills you have. Also the maximum percent you'll get its 50% when you achieve more than 3600 premium days.