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Sometimes it happens that the monster is killed by another monster. I want to know why? Is there any special reason or can we create the situation when a monster kills another monster?

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Reasons why creatures will kill another creature: 

Priestess Of The Wild Sun.gif Priestess Of The Wild Sun,Black Sphinx Acolyte.gif Black Sphinx Acolyte andBurning Gladiator.gif Burning Gladiator. They all are followers of Statue of Fafnar (Kilmaresh).gif Fafnar and want destroy the city.

In opposition The Empress.gif and his followers Crypt Warden.gif Crypt Warden and Sphinx.gif Sphinx fight against the cultish of Fafnar to save the city.

You can read about it during the Kilmaresh Quest, on the quest you gonna help The Empress to save Kilmaresh.

Also can read more in the letters from Amaro.