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I am looking for the list of the creatures which I will not be able to kill - for example Servant Golem1

1. https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Servant_Golem

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Given the day this question was asked, I believe the motivation behind it was the bug that allowing killing such creatures with Perfect Shot on the test server. Even though that is no longer possible[1], I decided to make a list for such creatures on TibiaWiki, you can find it here. Note that most, if not all,  of these creatures are related to quests, therefore they cannot be found in many places in Tibia. Creatures that are immune to all damage types used by players, but can still be killed with Drown Damage, like Ghulosh' Deathgaze, as well as Deprecated Creatures are filtered out from this list. Since it is a dynamic list, it will update itself when a new creature page is created with all damage modifiers being equal to 0%. Let me know if you find mistake on the list. :)

In addition to these creatures, there are creatures with special mechanics that prevent them from dying even though they can lose health points by players' damage, as Mirror Image and the deprecated Target Dummy.

Creatures currently in the Immune to all Damage Types list are:

• Annoying Dog

• Azaram's Soul

• Baby Dragon (Creature)

• Bad Dream

• Blue Soul Stealer

• Celebrating Orger

• Cocoon

• Crackler

• Damned Soul

• Deathslicer

• Desperate Soul

• Devovorga (Invincible)

• Dragonking Zyrtarch

• Dwarf Dispenser

• Eating Dog

• Empty

• Eye of the Seven

• Feroxa (Werewolf)

• Flamethrower

• Floor Blob

• Furious Orc Berserker

• Ghostly Apparition

• Greed

• Green Soul Stealer

• Gust of Wind

• Hell Hole

• Hive Pore

• Incredibly Old Witch

• Innocent Soul

• Kitty

• Lavahole

• Librarian

• Lost Ghost of a Planegazer

• Magic Pillar

• Magicthrower

• Mimic

• Murderous Ghost

• Mystic Energy

• Pillar

• Pirat Guard

• Pirat Patrol

• Plaguethrower

• Red Soul Stealer

• Running Elite Orc Guard

• Servant Golem

• Shlorg

• Shredderthrower

• Sin Devourer

• Slime Puddle

• Sloth Wraith

• Slowing Slime

• Solid Frozen Horror

• Spectral Scum

• Spirit of Light

• Spy Rat

• The Corruptor of Souls

• The Great Schnitzel

• The Halloween Hare

• The Remorseless Corruptor

• Unbeatable Dragon

• Wandering Prospector

• Whirling Blades

• Wild Fire Magic

• Wild Fury Magic

• Wild Nature Magic

• Wild Water Magic

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The only creatures I am aware that can be attacked but not killed are:

If there are any other creatures I missed that can be attacked but not killed let me know!

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Kitty... :D Ghostly Apparition... I think there will be a few more...;-)
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Added them to the list.