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Didnt play for a while and a lot changed. I was wondering what are the highest dmg output items for MS these days? Coz it prob changed from what it was in the past.

Thank you in advance.

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You mean highest magic level set?

  •  Gnome Helmet /  Falcon Circlet (both with +4 ML imbuement): +6 ML
  • Any armor with 4 ML: 
  • Any spellbook with 4 ML: 
  •  Gnome Legs: +2 ML
  •  Pair of Dreamwalker or   Nightmare Boots: +1 ML
  •  Falcon Wand (+4 ML imbuement): +7 ML
  •  Ring of Green Plasma: +2 ML
  •  Theurgic Amulet: +3 ML
  • : +3 ML (use 1 every 10 minutes)
With this set you will have extra 32 Magic Levels, therefore, it will provide you the highest damage output.
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Thank you again :)
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There is also the collar of green plasma that provides ml 3 + faster regeneration for 30minutes.
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Tropical Fried Terrorbird (one of Jean Pierre's food) provides +5 ML, replacing Mastermind Potion bonus. Therefore, the maximum extra Magic Level is +34. Not sustainable for every day hunts but definetely a consideration if the goal is to frag a boss (e.g. Ferumbras).
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Yeah, I considered a every day set,that's why I didn't add tthe food, but ur right, to frag a boss the food is definitely better!