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Santa Claus shows up every year on Tibia lands in order to give out presents to the citizens of Tibia, but where can I find him during the Santa Event that takes place during the Christmas season?

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In that question in the info of the question I already gave all the locations, dunno if it is necessary a specific question for this.
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I think it's still worth keeping it as a separate question. People googling "Where is Santa Claus" most likely won't find the linked question due to its title. Thoughts?
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Hm, well thought. I guess we should keep it.

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Edit: It seems that you solved it now! Nice!
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They seem to work for me
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try now , Now it will redirects to the tibiaroyal mapper
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According to TibiaWiki.com.br, Santa Claus NPC can be found on these locations (table was obtained on the website linked above and translated from Portuguese to English):

City / Location

Ab'Dendriel / South of Shanar.

Ankrahmun / On the tavern, west of the ship.

Carlin / Dane's shop (subterranean), southwest of depot.

Darashia / South of the city, close to the tavern.

Edron / Inside the castle, near the depot.

Gray Beach / Inside of the depot.

Kazordoon / Tavern of Jolly Axeman.

Liberty Bay / West of depot.

Oramond / West of depot.

Port Hope / South of depot.

Rathleton / In the Grand Opera Café, west from depot.

Svargrond / West of depot.

Thais / Frodo's Shop, northeast of depot.

Venore / Below the depot.

Yalahar / On the tavern, right side of the depot.

Farmine / On the tavern, west of Ongulf.

References: https://www.tibiawiki.com.br/wiki/Evento_de_Natal

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A screenshot of the minimap or a link to the mapper would be very helpful for all of those places.
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I add answer with urls
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They don't link to exact locations, but to wiki pages for towns/NPCs
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edited , now they link correctly to the map point , dunno why its not working , trying to fix it