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I would like to know which color is the most beautiful animal in tibia. What do u think about it?
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It is clear that panthera has a dark blue shade. If such questions are going to appear because it is rare mob you may have to ask what color Cavebear have if he cannot be found like an ordinary Rotworm monster. If someone asks if the monster is blue or black, what's the point if it's clearly seen. Therefore, if I want to play with "what is the color" it's opinion based question. Lol
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It seems that how the question was stated was a little confusing to some people. I'm referring to part "which color is the most beautiful animal in tibia"
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the only reason I didnt flag this question was Ellotris already spoke and I still dont know whats going on

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I checked a few different colors using an image editing program and they all fall on the blue spectrum. Here is one of the darkest blues:

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Midnight Panther is a reference to the black panther we can seen in real world, but author of this sprite wanted to refer to the color of the sky during midnight (dark blue). I also think that technical aspect was very important, becasue Cipsoft is trying to avoid black color in sprites. Sprites in tibia has reserved really dark colours for contours. It may looks not clearly enough to be a good sprite if midnight panther were really black.
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In my opinion panther color is navy :) falling slightly into a gray shade, lighter than a typical navy but still navy.