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For example:

instead of saying "hi", "repair",  "yes", each one at a different turn.

can you say: hi repair yes? or hi - repair - yes? any shortcut?

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I play with chat on and type them all in one line like "Hi repair yes". I then use shift+up arrow key to navigate back up and click enter, then do this again. This is quick to resend the previous text and I use it when trading with NPC or when taking a boat trip. When I talk to the NPC it would look like:

Hi repair yes
Hi repair yes
Hi repair yes
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There is no shortcut :(

You could still say as a whole "Hi repair yes", but you will need to do it 3 times, so it is not a shorcut (although if you set it as hotkey, it could save you time).
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Hi Gabriel!

As in "real life" to talk to the NPC we have to start the conversation and keep it step by step: Hi - Repair - Yes, the only way I know to be faster to talk to the NPC in case are doing tasks or for traveling is using the bar with text, like this: , hope this help you.

Have a nice day!