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Which are the regions that we can have the exploration of points of interest done without much trouble or effort compared to others? Which areas are easier to accomplish it if I want just the minimum points to unlock the basic outfit?

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Hi for me easy ones were:

  • Feyrist
  • Quirefang
  • Ab'Dendriel
  • Krailos
  • Northern Darama
There is few others but this one took for me less time then others.
Roshamul even if it's only 3 regions (1 very easy just running around depot zone) is hard cause of monsters.


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Just in case if you want to check others, look at wikia
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  • Thais, on surrounding is """hard""" but with some minutes can do.
  • Venore on surrounding is """hard""" but with some minutes can do.
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The easiest for me was most of the free account areas minus the surroundings being quite difficult. I think Ab'dendriel was pretty easy.
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