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Hi, playing 72 lvl elder druid with 54 mlvl, currently hunting on wyrms LB with sd and e-ring, where can I get better experience - here or on minotaurs oramond? Is it even possible for me to hunt them without any trouble? Certainly, I will be using e-ring and sd runes

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You can get more experience on Oramond but this have more risk. Stay withfull mana and close to stairs (Without e-ring can die to easy with 2-3 mobs).

Another choice can be Dragon Lord with SD and Ancient Scarab uith FGB.
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thank you!
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Dragon Lord in Darashia gives a good amount of xp, I advise you to stay in the middle of the cave cause there you can find more DL.
About Ancient Scarab I still didn't try it but looks like in Ank there is a good cave under the larvas one to hunt.
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