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I think it has something to do with capacity but I'm unsure. I need clarification, thanks.
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There are no cons of not leaving Rookgaard after level 8.
Most likely, the question is:

"What are the cons of leaving Rookgaard after achieving level 8 ?"

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On Rookgaard when you get a level you won:

10 oz

5 hitpoints

5 mana points

On mainland when you get a level you won:


25 oz

15 hitpoints

5 mana points


20 oz

10 hit points

15 mana points


10 oz

5 hitpoints

30 mana points

So if you stay by every more level on Rookgaard you gonna lose hitpoint, mana points and oz (25 points in total).

Also all your skills advance more slow.

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You can't leave Rookgaard above level 9 (level 10 or higher), so you only lose a bit by going to main at level 9 instead of 8. If you, however, leveled to 9 but don't want to lose any hp/mana/cap you can die few times to monsters to drop down to level 8.
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isn't it now all auto calculated, like what happens when you change vocations at dawnport? I've not tried it but I just assume it does, so he might not lose anything -needs confirmation-
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I never read something about this was implemented on Rook.
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