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I don't know if there's a limitation on imbuements other than slots and depending on the item. Let's say I wanted to do Life Leech on 2 different equipment items can I do that?

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Yes you can! But it depends on what imbuement you want to put. In the example you gave about having 2 Life Leechs, a helmet cannot be imbued with it, so you'll need to imbue your armor and weapon. 

Many knights use this set of imbuements: Weapon: Critical + Life Leech / Helmet: Mana Leech / Armor: Life Leech 

PS: I gave an example of knights because it's the vocation I play, but you can search about the best set of Imbuements to your own vocation. 

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You can't imbue your armor with mana leech, only life leech or any elemental protection
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Thanks for your comment, I edited right now
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The only limitation of imbuments are set by the particular item from your equipment - it depends on item how many imbuments can you use on it and which kind of them can u make. If you can imbue both helmet and rod with life leech (if there is technically possible) - then there is no problem!

I used to have mana leech on my Falcon Rod and mana leech on my Gnome Helmet. Thanks to 2 mana leeches I use way less potions on hunts!