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I saw in a site that it is possible to use a dragon hide imbuement on a falcon escutheon, is it possible?

In other items like an umbral master spellbook is it possible to use elemental protection as well?

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As far as I know the answer is not, you can not anylonger imbue an item with the same elemental protection that it already has. Never heard that the falcon set were different about it. And about the Umbral master spellbook, you can imbue it with death protection.

What it is more, you are neither allowed to imbue an item with an elemental protection that this item has a weakness for. For example:

- Gnome armor (Arm:17, distance fighting +3, protection physical +4%, energy +8%, ice -2%).(Empty Slot, Empty Slot).

This armor only  allows you to put: death, earth, fire and holy protection on it (life leech too), because it gives you protection against energy and weakness against ice)
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You are not able to.

Easy example is Wooden Spell Book for level 80 it has a 5% earth protection on the spellbook. You can add any other element of protection to that spellbook but Earth.
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U can not. This would be overpower if u could. What u can do is to choose 2 type of elemntal protetion among your set, than u can mode inbuement from each other like:

u have a helmet with fire protection and armor with energy protection. The helmet u will imbui with energy and the armor with fire.