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What are some keys that aren't known to open up anything currently or have no known use? If there was a use in the past but not currently, you can also list the key and it's last known use. Please list the key type and number if you will please.
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Do you mean keys that have no use now, or keys that have never had a known use?
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both, no known use currently or might've had a use in the past but not anymore
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Interesting to know! +1

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Here's some keys:

  • key 0001: Rathleton cant be obtained and no one knows the use
  • key 0004,0007,0009: Thais no use anymore used to be alpha keys
  • key 0006: Thais no longer use was the Bridgekeepers house key
  • key 3100: You could get it where nowadays is the noble armor quest there are really few around
  • key 3703: Can be seen in POI, unknown use or how to obtain
  • keys 3909,3910,3911,3912,3913,3914,3915, 3916, 3917,3923,3925,3930,3931,3932,3933,3934,3935,3936,3937,3938,3988,4210: Old guild halls keys
  • key 4033: Maybe Jakundaf Desert, but no information
  • key 3970: Old Fibula key
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where's your source?  i  noticed you copied and pasted some.