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This is in relation to the question is-there-a-penalty-if-you-lose-a-home-for-non-payment asked by jad selley

In that question shawtay quotes in their answer that 'that large pieces of furniture that do not fit in a backpack will stay in the house' from https://www.tibia.com/gameguides/?subtopic=manual&section=houses

My question is Does the furniture that remains in the house become the property of the next person to rent the house, or is it wiped in a SS prior to the new renter occupying the house?

Any help much appreciated

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Good point. I believe it just dissapear but I'm not sure about it.

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Hi! If a house renter is evicted all the items go to their inbox and the furniture that can be packed also goes with it. But for the furniture you cannot pick up, like things you pick up from the map or drag to your house from a certain place (plants, leaves, some wardrobes, trunks and boxes) they do not stay in the house for next renter, since its an eviction the house gets completely wiped out of these sort of stuff and everything that might be left inside after your items are move to the depot.