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Especially without dragon hatchlings for good % prey rolls like xp and/or drop, also, not looking for places with mixed respawns like darashia spawn since it has too many regular dragons

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For sure the best option is the Dragon lair in Fenrock, altough there many ofthem it's pretty easy to run.

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is a bit far away but in yalahar you can go to dragon lair of fenrock is  a quite god respawn to hunt dragons lords with aloot of space to run around, there is some videos on youtube showing the hunt just type "dragonlair fenrock" remember you need a  golden mug to enter
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It would been great if you specified your level, skills, equipment, etc.

Some of the best respawns for Dragon Lord hunting are:

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I dont know a respawns that only have DL's, but I know Pits of Inferno Dragon lair is a good choice for a paladin.
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PoI Dragon Lair has already been mentioned + the author asked for non-mixed spawns