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Many decorative items were removed from Tibia's commemorative events, one example is the one I am particularly passionate about and I see the difficulty of putting it on the market, as there are few (artist easel), because putting each piece together is difficult. Is there a CIP website where you speak or reveal a supposed return of an item already removed from the event?

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There's not a website by Cipsoft or a fansite that holds the answers to when an item will come back into the game unless it's officially announced in the news of Tibia's website or if Cipsoft gave this information to a fansite for example. What we can do in the meantime is hope and speculate if items will reappear. For the 15th and 20th anniversary of Tibia, if memory and research serve me right, during the Cipsoft raids Penciljack and Lyxoph drop everything you need to create a painting including the Artist Easel (CM reply) What's interesting is that Chayenne (famous for dropping Chayenne's Key) was in the 15th Anniversary of Tibia but not the 20th, as they held Cipsoft raids for present and not former Cipsoft employees (CM reply) This leads me to believe that possibly during the 25th anniversary we will have the Artists Easle reappear. That is of course if these raids do happen with these Cipsoft Bosses, so this is just my assumption or opinion. Maybe history will repeat itself or completely just be different. However, with all this being said you can always check the official Tibia website when it comes to information on Tibia anniversaries, which is usually announced early in January. My biggest suggestion when it comes to knowing if an item is coming back or not is just to expect the unexpected, but of course, do your own research and see if there are any official responses before just assuming.