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Since the strawberry cupcakes and the blueberry cupcakes refill your whole hp/mana, is there any cooldown on using them? If so, how long is the cooldown? Moreover, does the same cooldown applies to Jean Pierre event food? Like rotworm stew, blessed steak or pot of blackjack? That is - can I refill my mana with a blueberry cupcake and then immadiately after that refill my mana with a blessed steak?

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I believe the cooldown for cupcakes are 10 minutes and the Jean Pierre food is 15 minutes. Regardless, the cooldown is not shared between the items so yes you should be able to use a blessed steak immediately after using a blueberry cupcake.
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The Strawberry Cupcake and Blueberry Cupcake have a cooldown of 10 minutes between each use. They do not share a cooldown with the Jean Pierre healing dishes (Rotworm Stew, Blessed Steak or Pot of Blackjack). These Jean Pierre dishes have their own separate cooldown that applies to other Jean Pierre dishes as well as Hireling dishes.

In relation to Jean Pierre dishes:
"Note that you can only eat this dish once every 10 minutes. This cooldown is shared with all other Jean Pierre dishes as well as with all Hireling dishes, but not with Cupcakes."