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I was looking through the character Bazaar and have seen a few characters listed with no vocation, but they seem to have unobtainable items like the Demon Helmet and Magic Plate Armor. Is this real, how did they obtain? 

Here is a link of a character listing as an example:


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Hello Shady!

Since the Char Bazzar started there is some scams that come up like this one one, that lvl 8 on Rookgaard who have this "amazing set" but it is actually a fake cuz when u log in the char will no have any on this items on his BP, the way to do this is create a char on Rookgaard and with another character from main, you can send a parcel with random items as this guy did.

Then when you check the char that you have on Rookgaard on the cyclopedia, it will shows that the char have those items but in real those items are in mainland and not in Rookgaard, there is the cheat. When you set your auction you can select some items and in this case you can choice the items from the parcel you sent before as if the char had them on Rookgaard.

This have a video from Tibiapedia but it is in Spanish, this guy explain what people do and how they do it: Scams at Char Baazar

So I would like to warning you to take care of this kind of Scam-Offers.

Hope I explain myself well.

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Thank you mate, I did not realize this. Hopefully Cip will action it or at least make this information more known.
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You welcome!