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I have a lot of characters that would like a chess box, with that in mind what is the best spawn to hunt to easily obtain large amounts of envelopes from the wizards? I know a lot of creatures drop it I'm just trying to increase my chances of looting the envelopes fast.

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I don't know if this is the best location but noticed Penguins and Badgers drop them. I looted a ton of all the colours in less than five minutes in the Penguin/Badger spawn west over the bridge of Svargrond city. I started from the ice levitate wall north (the route into the mammoth boss or man in cave) and went south to the end and repeated, you come across too many Penguin to count and they are all 1 shot.


Here is a picture, from one avalanche on those guys I got 3 envelopes. 


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Hey thanks! Yes I went here but it was so very crowded so I had to leave, I do see why it would be a good place. Just waiting to see if more answers or tips appear. Thank you~!