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What items are necessary in order to obtain the Percht Raider outfit addons and to what NPC they need to be delivered?

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It was commented in the tibia forums today by a CM that you will have to participate in the event for 3 years to get the full outfit. Pretty dumb if you ask me. So probably the percht handkerchief or broom will be used next year to get an addon and then the other one used the following year to get the final addon.

Source: CM Burchan at www.tibia.com/forum/?action=thread&postid=38560979#post38560979

The first addon will be available when the event returns next year. You will have to participate a total of three times to unlock the full outfit.

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I've studied it around a week and so far even in the tibia forums I seem to be the only one seeing afew connections to this currently unsolved addon.

I believe cipsoft made a mistake or it will be sort of a chanyenne key situation.

Things I noted that others didnt:

  • 4 readable texts imply the story of frigga, with a yeti/bear and the explorer society.
  • The main island is shaped like a witch holding a frozen crystal ball (zoom out)
  • -1 is shaped like a younger woman dancing with fire and ice
  • -2 is shaped like a man holding something center chest as well as a foaming beaker.
  • In the center of -2 is another throne and the mirror is broken.
  • Items of interest (ice hatchet. +11 ice means it potentially heals the queen or damages a fire/snowman?
  • Addons/percht broom/percht handkerchief/golden cotton reel?
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I have all items that the queens drops, I tried everything with all items and still nothing :(