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Could anyone give me in details how tibia's current pvp works, I'm talking about Open PvP, not the retro one.
When some ppl are attacking each other, what CAN'T an outsider do to them? I heard for example that you can't push them. Is this correct? Are there more restrictions?


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Its not better post this comment as an answer ?
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No, because it doesn't provide an answer. This question contained 3 separate questions and my comment only notes that the other two questions have been moved
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From my own experience, I know that you can't push two players who are attacking each other unless you get involved in the conflict, you can't heal with sio or runes, and therefore neither with potions, if the attacker has a white skull, you can activate the white hand in the advanced pvp system to defend your party or guild member from an attacker, but beware that you also get pvp situation and there before a pz lock.