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The secret level 999 door has remained a mystery for many years in Tibia. Currently, there are several players that have reached level 999. What is behind those doors? What is currently known and are there still any mysteries connected with what players can find there?

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The teleport after the 999 door take the player to an island( Schrödinger’s island) where the player receive a golden trophy for reaching lvl 999.

There is also 7 NPC’s on the island, 6 NPC’s are roleplay and nobody knows yet how to interact with them and one NPC sells fruits, juices and cookies.

The island looks like a place for the player relax after hunting so much but  it has a lot of mysteries yet to be found in this weird island...
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Behind the 999 door is the Schrödinger’s island

Once inside you get a trophy for being one of the first guys to reach 999 lvl on Tibia.
If you wants there is some videos , for example , this one is from Devonica when he/she decides to go to the place and film it. Also inside there is a quest that I think some ppl already solved but they wont say anything atm.


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There are some rumors about a quest there? I never heard anything about! Interesting! Why do you think that there is some people around that already solved it?
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I'm assuming this is not the "official" name of the island? More like player-made?
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The island doesnt have a name in cyclopedia? if it doesnt so its not official yet...