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Many times when I am going through depot I can see people transformed in other “Shapes” or creatures. What are the items which can change your appearance?

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Items with a Long Duration

imageCostume Bag (Common)
Costume Bag (Uncommon)Costume Bag (Uncommon)
Costume Bag (Deluxe)Costume Bag (Deluxe)
Costume Bag (Retro)Costume Bag (Retro)
Scroll of AscensionScroll of Ascension
Shapeshifter RingShapeshifter Ring

Items with a Short Duration

Chameleon Rune
SnowballSnowball (Must be used on someone else outside of PZ)

Used in a Quest

Marked CrateMarked Crate

There are the items I was able to think of off hand. If there are any I missed let me know!

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I'm not sure if that is actually a feature of the Demonic Candy Ball. I did some searching around and some people seem to say it works and some say it doesn't. I've asked a question here to see if anyone can confirm and will update my answer if so. Thanks for pointing it out!
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You can also use Snowballs on other players to transform them into Snowmans.

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I added snowballs under the short category, I am unsure how long it actually lasts but it seems to be around 1 minute if not exactly.