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I've been doing some reading and found out some classic boss names have anagrams (when you rearrange the letters of a word to form a new word)! For example:

Weakened Shlorg = Share Knowledge

Apprentice Sheng = Secret Happening

What other anagrams exist in Tibia? Whether it would be a boss, item, creature, npc or city name for example...


Tibia Secrets: Explorers Diary Episode 1

Tibia Secrets: Explorers Diary Episode 3

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Teleskor- Skeleton 

Irmana- Armani

Telas- Tesla

Vladruc- Dracula - Vladruc is an anagram of the name "Dracula". Also, a quote by this vampire, @Oh yes, the children of the night... you dwellers in the city cannot enter into the feelings of the hunter" is taken from the novel Dracula.  

Dallheim- Heimdall- Dallheim's name is a take on that og Heimdall, a Norse gog and guard of the bridge between Midgard and Asgard

Additional Sources: Tibia Fandom- Allusions

Edowir- Weirdo 

Pharaohs (speculative I guess)

Ashmunrah- Humans Rah- where Rah is is soul as per Akh’Rah Uthun

Rahemos - Some Rah / More Ash?

Morguthis- Ours Might

Omruc- mucro

Dipthrah- hard pith

Vashresamun- humans saver

Mahrdis- Disharm

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lol at Armani
yeah agree:D
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The gravestone after you complete Demon Oak has the name "Yesim Adeit" on it, which is Yes I made it-

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Had to check this out, added an image. What a good catch!
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Some NPC Anagrams that I've realized/discovered:

Rapanaio= Paranoia (Already on Tibia Fandom)

Rotem Valos= Almost Over

Ser Tybald= Dr. Beastly (a reference to Beano comic strips)