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In 2011 there was multiple images shared of Cipsoft office. 
Images presented also the desks of the Cipsoft team. 

The image below shows desk of Count Tofifti, who is sitting in front of Knightmare desk. (High res image here https://portaltibia.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/CountToFifti_big.jpg)

On the wall there are few images, but the one with diagram like kept me interesed for a while now.

I was able to decipher most of it, but not all.


The  inside  circle probably is:

NW - Fury?
Text - ?
NE - Troll or Demon?
Text - Undeath
SW - Spectre
SE - ?

Given the above question marks. Can you decipher what creatures and the inside text is inside the inner circle?

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ok I tried to improve the question - avoid vague question titles (like "who is that NPC?" and then I have to click on it in order to know any basic detail regarding the NPC location and function). Try to offer more details always about what you are asking :)

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These images are taken from Jun 08 2011 - 10 Years CipSoft! (updated June 22) If you read the forum that's linked to this article there are some replies from Knightmare regarding the pictures indicating they were from creature resistances and game balance. What Knightmare is implying is that their outdated. Here are his replies-

Well, it's actually not 'mine'. Which is good for me and good for you. If it were mine I had to find all of you how have seen it and kill you to ensure the safety of my secrets ;o)  It is actually a rough and rather old reminder about creature resistances and belongs more to the balancing part of the game... As said in another post, it is a balancing thing. Not sure if it a secret but it's probably more confusing than helping since it is rather old ;o) Phshht, better ask for some of the really cool concept art that you rarely get to see ;o) -Knightmare

The current damage types in Tibia-

Damage types allow you a greater variety in your attacks. All creatures have more or less stronger sensitivities against one or more damage type. By using the weapon or spell of the right damage type, you can bring down your enemy much more quickly and easily.

  • There are 7 different damage types in Tibia: fire, ice, energy, earth, death, holy and physical.
  • Fire is especially effective against earth, earth against energy, energy against ice, and ice against fire.
  • Holy spells are useful in fights against undead creatures while death comes in handy against holy beings.
  • Physical damage can be dealt out to almost all enemies with the exception of spirits.

With that information in mind, I could imagine maybe the chart looks something like this...however this is just me guessing as I tried to zoom in, get the shapes and colors of the creature but it didn't work well-

Now, I do not have any idea what's near the "Fury" I think it could be something like looks like a wide creature, maybe human.. maybe a Sibang, Dwarf Geomancer, Blightwalker, Troll. If you noticed most of the creatures are from Update 8.5, but others are from of course different updates. We do know the pictures were taken in May 2011 so it could be any creature from before then.

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The last one looks like “pharaohs”
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Thank you, didn't knew Knightmare has responded to this picture directly.