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Specifically looking for a list of items that were removed from Rookgaard or tutorial islands. If you could include the reason how they were obtainable in the past, I'd appreciate that.

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  • Ground Reed- No longer possible to obtain, but in the past you would get a bunch of wheat and use Willie's mill in a certain spot. (Source)
  • Lifefluid- Old version of small health potion, no longer in use since 2007. In the past, Hyacinth was selling them for 60 gp each. (Source)
  • Antidote Rune- Old version of antidote potion no longer in use since 2008. In the past, Lily was selling them for 40 gp each. Players also got it from the Dawnport to Rookgaard bug in 2014. (Source)
  • Document (Fishing Master Certificate)- Spawned in Santiago's cellar on Tutorial Island, cellar no longer accessible since Dawnport existed in 2014. (Source)
  • Silver Key 4601- No longer possible to obtain, used to spawn near the current copper version, which spawns near bear room after revealing a hole with a pick. (Source)
  • Silver Key 4600- No longer possible to obtain, used to be purchased from Seymour for 5 gold and granted access to the Training Room in Rookgaard. (Source)
  • Wooden Sword- No longer possible to obtain if you're a new character. Mission 1 of the Rookie Guard Quest is needed, which only old players who are logged have access to it. (Source)
  • Cockroach Leg- Item dropped by cockroaches in Tutorial Island, which is not accessible. (Source)

To add, there's been some bugs that occurred where players were able to transfer over Dawnport and Mainland items. (Source) So anything that doesn't appear in Rookgaard or is unobtainable is considered rare. There is plenty of items to list in this case, however, you need to be careful because as mentioned in the comments players are tricking others by claiming they have rares. For example, in Char Bazaar players parcel the items to the Rookgaard character so it appears as if they have the items when really they don't.