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What are the achievements that can never be obtained together? Those I currently know: 

  • Berserker/Mastermind/Sharpshooter 
  • Efreet Ally/Marid Ally 
  • Yalahari of Power/Yalahari of Wisdom 
  • Top CGB Agent/Top TBI Agent/Top AVIN Agent 
  • Dread Lord/Lord Protector and accompanying achievements
  • Follower of Azerus/Follow of Palimuth/Turncoat
  • Truth be told/You don't know jack

Is there any others that are not on this list?

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Answer: It is not impossible.

Why is admins editing posts? I worded it the way I did because it's possible to get them if you rook yourself between.
Feels bad when someone edits your post to be wrong.
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Hi there. Your original question was "Which achievements is not possible to get together?". Can you help me understand how the current revision is different from what you have been trying to ask? You are also free to edit the question back yourself.
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