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We all know that these bosses have become extremely easy nowadays. People basically solo them all the time. So what would you guys do to improve these bosses?

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First off, as soon as their spawning is announced their lairs should have raid spawns of their minions. Imagine ferumbras' castle being swarmed by (new) monsters protecting their masters appearance. The power level of these could already be at a very high level. They had enough time to train while their master was absent.

Power level also applies to the bosses themselves. As you mentioned they are way too easy. Having strong allies is one part, being strong by themselves is another. Bosses these days usually have rather complex mechanics and different phases to go through before you can kill them. Apply that here as well. A good example would be the fight in Ferumbras' Ascension. As copying these mechanics would be boring new things would have to be thought of.

An example - Before Ferumbras first spawns you have to gather enough magic to even make him interested in entering our world. His apprentices contain unstable magic which can be extracted to power some sort of demonic circle. Once it is powered he will appear. Upon taking a certain amount of damage he realizes it is not worth the risk so he leaves through that circle again. His minions will protect the circle in order to not let you follow him. Once these are defeated you can enter the circle to follow him into his realm. To get him vulnerable you have to overload him with magic. Power up magical rifts to and make him suck them up. Every time he sucks up this magic he gets more powerful but also vulnerable for a set amount of time until he learns to control this magic. This means the fight is getting harder the longer it goes. If the team is too weak it can get wiped easily.

Of course cranking up the basic stats are a given but only doing that sounds pretty boring to me.
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Better stats (Heal, attack and defense.)

News  summons to help

Achievement by kill it

New mechanics like Professor Maxxen

New IA to the bosses

News sprites (To Orshbaal please)

Maybe new loot
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That's a very good point. Bosses are too weak, some times u cant hit them before they die, that is so ridiculous.

In my opinion bosses (not talking about quest bosses) should be modified every two years. Do not makes sense to me that that the "strongest" boss in Tibia dies in two turns.

Tibia community has improved alot their skills and strength but the bosses are the same. We had the time the every boss on tibia, or almost all, was very hard to kill but this was a long time ago and Cipsoft must change them. This is are easy to do, have just to create new mechanics, improve their life, strength create some things to the ppl be afraid to fight this boss. And plz make the loot random to everyone who helped to kill.