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I am looking for the prime Artefacts which are connected to Artefact Box in the new quest Galthen Adventures. Do you know any any of them?

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By trying to connect items it seems it looks as follows: 

- Cube looking like Supreme Cube  (Opticording Sphere Quest)

- Sampling looking like Megasylvan Sampling  (Order of Lion)

- Almanac looking like Spatial Warp Almanac  ( Order of Falcon)

- Book looking like The True Book Of Death  (Deathlings)

 - Cobra looking liking alike Cobra Amulet  or Note about Two Souls  (?) (Order of Cobra)

   - Ring looking like Broken Ring of Ending  (?) No Quest

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You are right this carpets represents each prime artifact… you can turn them into colourfull carpets too
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How to make the fragment of cloths colourfull?