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Tibia is a game noted by the variety of items with different functions and attributes that can alter the abilities of your character, apart from that we also can note different areas sometimes can be only unlocked if you have the right item/key/level/quest access. And talking about quests, you may have a huge amount of missions currently ongoing at the same time (you may see yourself even confused with the different amount of items and objectives required to each mission), all of them needing different methods and procedures...

Having these facts in mind, you may ask yourself: How can we actually organize our containers carried around in a more practical way? What can be my division and priorities while classifying items that I need to carry?

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This is how I have organized mine, because i have seen is the best way (in  my opinion):

First you need to have the 'main backpack' (where you have all your stuff) inside of another backpack:

This way, when you use rings, amulets or create runes and amunition, they all go to the first empty bp when you take them off, making it easier to put them back to their right backpack.

Main backpack: I use a representative item before the backpack that contains those items:

*In the jelewey cases I have the dishes that heals mana and life (but I dont realy need to open them since I got them on the action bars and hotkeys).

If you want to maximize your capacity I would use theses backpack, depending of your economic posibilities:

1- Blossom backpacks

2- Backpacks of holding

3- Pillow backspacks

4- Festivity backpacks

5- Jeweled backpacks

About the loot backpack, I would use the ones I have already named. I loot everything in the same backpack, so when I go to the depot I just 'throw' the 'stackable items' in the 'stash' of the depot.

The organization inside each backpack.. it's up to you, I'll show you some of mines:

Key backpack: (bag of the correspondent town where the keys are used):

Hope I helped.

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I do the same organization trick of using backpacks related to each city where the key belong inside my Depot, cool that you spoke about that! Thanks for sharing your backpack, by the way! And yes, the five backpacks mentioned are excellent choices regarding oz. and vol. referential values.

Kudos! So far, you've made the best answer for this topic! :)
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This is how my bp works, basically I identify everything with an item and I separate them for utility, in the case of the small boxes I can have the freedom to take out and put the backpacks to sell and accommodate my loots


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wow you got many jewel boxes, nice idea!
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I gonna use my main character (a knight from a Open-PvP server) build as an example here on what you will need to always pay attention to carry and also to show how I do that on practice. Pay attention that you do not to follow exactly what I did here, but I hope that it will give to who is reading some idea on how can we achieve a good organization of containers.

Well, I myself like to use the Brocade Bag as my "main container", more because I appreciate seeing all of the 8 types of containers that I classified as important in a tight and simplified space, not to mention that it is the most beautiful bag in the game in my opinion :P It will also guarantee that any item that I "dress/undress" will be put on the very first container showed (I will explain soon more details about that), but let's move on! Starting at the upper line of the opened bag above, looking from the left to right, we have:

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is not a problem to me at my current level and main vocation on Tibia, but you may want to change the bag mentioned here to a backpack in case of being a really high level char due to the imbuement slot usable on backpacks! Bags do not have these slots! (At least until the date of the edition made on this post: 03/07/2019).

Zaoan Chess Box: Here I keep almost every equip that I dress/undress frequently (hunting/PvP gear, gear with imbuement or even a "speed set" to walk faster around). It is my first container for everything basically. For example: if I buy something, things will be inserted automatically here if there is room inside the box, and then I will sort out what is bought and distribute it to the adequate place. The Zaoan Chess Box is kind of heavy but it has a massive space for items, thus it serves magnificent as a backpack. Another cool alternative for you to put here later on is to get one of the new Blossom Bag. You can use whatever container you want, but I like to leave one with such characteristics permanently right here to prevent any problem of items "popping" on others containers.

Parcel: Needless to explain, having a parcel with a label already signed with your name is recommended. You will never now when you will need to send something to the safety storage of your depot! I would recommend to keep one always at hand and on your sight.

Camouflage Bag: Just a nice looking bag where I store my food. Mostly I just keep it closed, since I have a hotkey/action button configured with a food that I frequently eat. You can fill it up with some sort of food that you like to consume

Birthday Backpack: My keys and items required to access certain places or teleporters (i.e.: mushrooms needed to leave Draconia) stay here! I like to keep a special place just for that because I like to own organized containers with set of keys along with scrolls/labels explaining each key function.

Jewelled Backpack: My loot recipient! Here I put every backpack configured to receive loot/gold while hunting.

Anniversary Backpack: I insert here any quest item related to missions that I am currently doing on Tibia.

Crown Backpack: All of my gear related to exploration and such (pick, rope, shovel, et cetera...) goes here. I also add here my Obsidian Knife and Blessed Stake. Important: If you are a Free Account, make sure to carry around stamped parcels with you. It will help you on places where levitate is necessary (i.e.: If you want to leave Hellgate without going to Draconia)

Santa Backpack: Used to store my potions and runes, along with special Jean Pierre's foods or boost potions (i.e.: Berserk Potion). I also insert here hunting supplies as backpacks of rings and amulets (on the Zaoan Chess Box I keep permanent items just like the butterfly ring or platinum amulet, which are non consumable items that will be used in case of a combat/need to stop hunting). Although I am a Knight, I would recommend to leave here containers of ammunition and attack runes as well.

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I like your idea, but I think that after a certain level you will have the zaoan chess box full of equipment you actualy use depending of the respam, so it will be a little messy when you put on and put off rings/amulet.
If you like your brocade bag as main bp, you should keep it open, but I should aswell put it inside another bigger one to avoid the mess to happen and to make it easier to put the used items back to their place.
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You are correct. I was kind of nervous that HLs would call me a newbie, but I had the opportunity to check some bps from HLs on Test Server and they had some stuff organized on a similar way. So far I had a good experience with this organization, but maybe two blossom bag/zaoan chess box should be the first two ideals bps to be placed on my order to avoid space problems.

Oh, and I gonna be honest about HLs reality: Last Test Server I had opened a really high level player BP tossed on the ground after a PvP battle and I couldn't see the end of it!! The guy had so many containers and items that literally only him would understand what's going on (and that's ok, if you know where to get your stuff fast,  you are good to go), and he had the habit of simply placing one bp inside of another. It was the next level of logistics IMO lol
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yeeeeh somepeople backpacks are such a mess! But I guess  everybody has an internal order in their minds xd.
My way of organization I think is quite intuitive since I use reference items before the different backpacks, but I think you can only do it after you get some levels because of the cap :)
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Well I like to keep all stuff separated, so will show how I make it:

In my Blossom bag I have a specific bp for each kind of loot (armor, amulet/ring, legs, boots, helmet) just weapons all types goes to the same. All the rest goes to the chessbox inside the book backpack. Stash goes to the pillow. Energy I use for my equips, feed for my ammunition. 

Some BPs I do not keep open cuz inside I have items that I use from the bars, like SSA, rings (dwarven, life, stealth...)

Hope it can be useful

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you got some pretty backpacks over here. Cool! Good to see high levels showing the organization that they do!
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I think it is some good suggestions, but to me it is a bit too complex and as a sorcerer who does not have much cap on the side, i prefer to have my setup a little different.

On a RPG aspect for a Sorcerer in level 300, i have my things sorted out like this and i value to have view over everything while still having a simple layout.

I hope this helps to give you some more options on how you could divide your backpacks up, this is atleast seen from a mages perspective, i figured it was alright to post this in addition to the perspective seen from a knight and a paladin which has already been given!