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In most worlds, the top 5 Drome Leaderboard don't have the same Drome "Level", which means they are doing it solo(I believe). And in some cases, contrary of popular belief, the players in the leaderboard are not the Top levels in the world. Which leads to my question... 

What is the best strategy to advance in Tibiadrome?

We know the monster-to-player ratio improves with a team:

  • 1 player: 4 monsters (i.e. a monster-to-player ratio of 4.00 ∶ 1) 
  • 2 players: 8 monsters (i.e. a monster-to-player ratio of 4.00 ∶ 1) 
  • 3 players: 11 monsters (i.e. a monster-to-player ratio of 3.67 ∶ 1) 
  • 4 players: 14 monsters (i.e. a monster-to-player ratio of 3.25 ∶ 1)
  • 5 players: 17 monsters (i.e. a monster-to-player ratio of 3.40 ∶ 1)

So, in order to get as far as possible in the leaderboard; Could it be Solo or with a team?... If it is with a team, what would be the best combination vocation-wise?

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I've found it very difficult to progress as a solo knight in the drome. Not only do creatures begin to hit extremely hard at higher drome levels, but you are also the only vocation forced to take melee hits.

I would suggest killing hoodinions and scissorions first as their damage comes in large bursts, domestikons and meridons should be killed next as they provide steady damage and enhance the damage of other creatures. Kill murmillions last as they hit relatively weak, but have large amounts of hp. This allows you to have optimal time to refill your mana and let your summon heal before the next round.
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It is a nice approach which I had not think of, the order of killing the mobs. Much appreciated
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How to advance in the Tibiadrome as a solo Mage?